Team Pärvelö is a group of Finnish artists, founded in 2006. We have three members, whose info you can find below. We print and sell self-published comics and other art in Finland's comic and anime events. We publish 1-3 comics in a year, and some of our anthologies include lots of guest artists! Our main goal is to make interesting projects.




Hanna-Pirita Lehkonen (born Ontto-Panula) is from a little village called Ikkeläjärvi in Kauhajoki. She is married and half a youth worker by education. Art, however, is the passion of her life.

She loves trying out new ways to make comics and tell stories. Her main jobs in Team Pärvelö include drawing comics and being the editor of many of our anthologies. Hanna-Pirita is by far the loudest of us, and most likely is the one talking when you come visit our table in artist alleys.

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Raakel Hokkanen studies English Language and Translation at The University of Eastern Finland in Joensuu. For Pärvelö, she draws comics, stickers, and other miscellaneous illustrations. She also checks the English and Finnish texts they publish. She intends to draw happy-go-lucky comics that are fun to read. Her next goal is to launch a long webcomic. Raakel particularly likes cats, Japanese culture, being a fan of things, and pretty boys and girls.

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Laura Haapamäki is a graphic designer and digital artist who lives in Rovaniemi. She does technical and publishing things for Team Pärvelö, and also paints and colors covers and prints.

She is interested in fantasy, illustration and game graphics. She has a one person company and does freelancer work. Laura would like to do amazing projects for clients around the world!

Laura likes cats, chocolate and Elder Scrolls games.

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